Hassle-free consolidation of consultant vendors

Take advantage of ProData Consult's Vendor Management Service, and leave the often tedious management of suppliers and external IT consultants to us - all while retaining complete freedom of choice.

Be free from the resource-intensive and complex task of managing multiple suppliers. Regardless of whether you use independent freelancers or freelancers from various vendors, we can collect all or parts of the administration of your external consultants.

Let us take care of this entire process. We consolidate and administrate your external workforce so that you can focus on your core business.

Benefits of the service



Consolidated processes for hiring, billing and contracting consultants


Freedom of choice

Choose the vendors and consultants you prefer


Lower administration costs

The consolidation of the processes reduces administration costs



ProData Consult's professional liability insurance covers all consultants

How It works

Our vendor management service is an IT supported administrative process

Consoldation and centralization

We take the lead in a fast transition, where we centralize the administration of contracts with vendors and consultants. In some cases, consolidation can be a delicate affair. We take pride in handling the process professionally, carefully, and in close collaboration with the relevant parties.


We handle all ongoing management and administration of your consultant vendors. Our strong IT platform is the backbone of efficiently administrating your vendors and consultants.

Single point of contact

Instead of managing multiple relations and interfaces, you are now all set with just one. We will handle all future issues or tasks related to your consultant usage and administration.

Keep track in our client module

Take advantage of our free-of-charge client module, which lets you  follow the entire process. At the same time, you have a full overview of all requests, contracts, and expenses. It has never been easier to gain full control and overview of all your consultants while letting go of the burdensome administration.


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