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Matching client needs with IT specialists

For more than two and a half decades, we have specialized in matching client needs with exactly the right IT specialist. Our vast experience and strict screening and validation processes guarantee uncompromising quality. In other words, we only work with the very best IT consultants.


We cover IT from A-Z.

No matter the role and competences, and regardless of the particular experience or skill-set you require, we have an IT consultant who matches your needs.

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IT specialists at scale

Scalability is becoming an increasingly important factor in modern and IT intensive organizations. Our large network of IT consultants enables us to offer our clients the flexibility necessary to scale whenever needed to navigate and succeed in a complex and ever-changing IT landscape.

With thousands of quality assured senior IT consultants in our network, we can deliver and accommodate any need; we have clients with one consultant and clients with +100, with competences ranging from software development to business management.

Built on long-lasting relations

Truly understanding our client’s organization, business, IT landscape, and technology stack is fundamental to our success. Matching client requirements with the right IT consultant, but also proactively engaging with talent required in the future, requires deep insights into the industry in general, but also the client’s specific situation and market. That is why we insist on building and cultivating strong lasting relationships with both our clients and our affiliated consultants.


We cover IT from A-Z


IT project manager


Web Developer

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Business Consultant


Mobile Developer


Solution Architect


Scrum Master


Test Manager


Infrastructure Consultant

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