Simple administration of consultants

Administration of external consultants can be a time-consuming and inconvenient task and it can be difficult to get transparency in requests, contracts, consultant performance and expenses. With ProData Consult's online client module, it is easy to obtain full control and overview of all consultants.

As a ProData Consult client, we offer you free, unlimited access to our online client module. The module gives you complete transparency and makes sure you have a full overview of your consultant usage. The system is designed so that it is simple and efficient to use.




An overview of all consultants working on an active contracts, their CV’s, rates, project details and contract duration


Detailed overview of your consultant expenses. You can view both overall expenses for consultants but also the individual consultant's hourly rate and registered hours for any timeperiod


An overview of all consultant requests. You can also edit requests or create new ones.


Consultant performance in real time, for individual consultants as well as for the entire consultant portfolio


Instant access to all consultant contracts


Advanced filters and mail notification settings

Access anytime, anywhere

Access all data in real time anywhere – we ensure data are always available and updated. Our client module scales for both tablet and mobile, so you at all times can stay on top of your consultant usage, and have your reports and overview at hand.