Optimized for quality, timely deliverables

Combining speed and quality might seem contradictory. But that’s exactly what our clients expect of us. The need for a specific set of IT competences often requires urgent attention and swift action as critical business projects, tight deadlines and innovation depend on them.


It’s with that in mind we have built our business and processes. All we do centers around being able to accommodate our client’s immediate need for IT know-how with high-end IT consultants. We offer certainty to our clients that lack of IT competences never becomes a business blocker.


Engaging with tomorrows IT talent

Today’s cutting-edge skills are new tomorrow, and our clients’ businesses are everchanging. Our finger is always on the pulse of industry trends and emerging technologies, which helps us proactively engage with tomorrows demand for IT talent. We continuously expand our network of senior IT specialists, as it enables us to always accommodate our client’s immediate needs for IT competences.

Expert professionals when you need them

We take pride in every single request

An objective, thorough, and systematic process fully supported by advanced IT systems guarantee, accurate matching free from bias, and timely delivery.


Refine requirements

In close dialogue with the client, we describe and refine the requirements for the specific request.



Based on the refined requirements, we will dive into our extensive network of IT specialists and single out the best consultant for that specific request.


Validate and match

Strict and methodical validation processes help ensure a proper match between client needs and consultant capabilities.


CVs presented

Consultant CVs are forwarded to the client. We deliver in unified format for an easy overview and comparison.



A personal interview is conducted between client and consultant.



Price, terms and duration are agreed upon and put down in a flexible contract.

Built on strong relationships

We emphasise building rewarding and lasting relationships with our consultants; we know our consultants. This way, we ensure high-quality deliverables and a proper match between the client’s situation, organization, and needs, on the one hand, and the consultant’s skill-set and personality on the other hand.