Saxo Bank Case: Scaling with talent from Poland

As a global player in a competitive and dynamic sector, where IT plays a dominant role, being able to access the right IT talent is critical for the business. It is vital to deliver according to tight deadlines and to gain a competitive edge, and for Saxo Bank that was no different. Standing in front of the need to scale their Sitecore team, while also having challenges finding skilled people within front-end technologies such as JavaScript, skilled people were not in abundance.

Facing that critical challenge, Saxo Bank turned its attention to Poland and nearshoring.

With the help of ProData Consult, Saxo Bank was very quickly up and running with a nearshoring setup. Setting up in Poland proved to be very easy, although Saxo Bank is a big complex company. In general, what Saxo Bank experienced was that the onboarding Polish consultants were similar to onboarding local Danish consultants.

Since 2017, where Saxo Bank started nearshoring, Saxo Bank has been able to scale and ramp-up in the areas necessary whenever needed. Furthermore, Saxo Bank has experienced to get access to not only talented and skilled consultants but just as well committed ones.

ProData Consult has, throughout Saxo Bank’s nearshoring journey, been responsible for sourcing the right IT consultants while handling the whole nearshoring setup.

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