Region Zealand: A good and professional tone

For a political organization, there are some specific preconditions for the process of hiring external consultants. Since the whole process is very mechanical, the communication between us and the supplier of consultants is limited. Therefore, it is beneficial if the supplier of consultants is acquainted with our organization. ProData Consult has delivered consultants to us in several years, and thus knows what profiles and competences that fit into our organization. And the volume that ProData Consult has is obviously advantageous. There is a comfort in knowing that you only get the most qualified consultants.
Throughout all the years we have worked with ProData Consult, the collaboration has gone smoothly, and I have always only experienced a good and professional tone. The most important thing when hiring in consultants for projects is to get a consultant with the exact level and competences. Therefore, it is essential that your collaborator manages to redeem this, and here ProData Consult hits the nail on the head.
When we need external consultants for a project, we use a framework agreement for consultants. With this framework agreement, the invited suppliers can make an offer according to the framework terms. Therefore, we have had the pleasure of working with ProData Consult on several occasions.
As a political organization, it can be difficult to predict the number of projects each year as this is changeable. For this reason, we need to be able to scale continuously and accordingly, and so we use external consultants. It also gives a flexibility to use external consultants because you have the opportunity to hand-pick the exact competences you need and for the desired period of time.
I am generally satisfied with our collaboration with ProData Consult, where both the contact I have had with my ProData Consult contact person and the assigned consultants have been smooth and professional.


Henning Trier
IT development manager

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