Municipality of Copenhagen: The process in finding the right consultant is efficient

Because of the good co-operation, ProData Consult is one of our preferred collaborators. A supplier of consulting services is only as good as the last agreement, and, therefore, we cheat a little and always check with others to make sure we find the best candidate. We work with ProData Consult because they have repeatedly delivered exactly what we requested. For that reason, ProData Consult is on the list of possible providers of consultants every time.


ProData Consult manages to hit the bull’s eye regarding profile and demands, and they are also available when necessary. They are competent in understanding our needs and asking the right questions, so it becomes clear what the exact profile and role we are looking for in a candidate is.
Sometimes we experience a more urgent need for a fast scale-up, for example if an employee unexpectedly gives notice. In regards to this, ProData Consult has due care and diligence – they understand that in pressing situations you have to work fast as a provider of consultants, otherwise you risk to be overlooked.
The process in finding the right consultant is efficient. ProData Consult delivers heavy IT-profiles, therefore, it is especially important that we completely agree about the consultant-profile we are looking for. We speak to ProData Consult about the details and are quickly directed to the exact profile we are looking for. Shortly after, we are given some proposals for qualified consultants. Openness and honesty about the candidates are important. ProData Consult does not offer unqualified profiles and they clearly states, if they cannot deliver based on our exact demands so we can move on quickly.
ProData Consult is competent in finding the right match for the assignment and for our organization. We have been very pleased with agreements, and this reflects that price, quality, and expectations all come together. We do not request the heaviest profiles, but when we do, ProData Consult has managed to match both the competence and price level.
Overall, ProData Consult is competent at finding profiles with the exact competences and at the same time meeting the terms of duration, price, and starting Date. Furthermore, they have enough volume to be able to satisfyingly contribute when we have a request. We are indeed pleased with ProData Consult.


Bjarne Lund
Head of Department in the Municipality of Copenhagen

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