LE34: The cooperation is smooth and unproblematic

At LE34, we use ProData Consult for our nearshoring. This means that we have hired two developers who is located in ProData Consult’s nearshoring center in Poland. From here, they maintain the line of apps that we use. We have chosen to do it this way as we have previously tried other procedures unsuccessfully. We tried to manage it internally for a while, but we had to admit that we do not have a profile that attracts the best app developers in Denmark. Not many in Denmark have the skills we are requesting and those who have prefer to work in more attractive companies than a land surveying/GIS firm, so we frankly cannot find qualified people in Denmark.
Therefore, we looked into our options, and after a thorough analysis of ProData Consult and their work processes we found that they were the best fit for our needs. ProData Consult has a credible package and profile which caused us to take on with them. Prior to choosing ProData Consult, we were in dialogue with an Indian company who offered a similar package. Unfortunately, it had several shortcomings in relation to our expectations. There were some difficulties in relation to culture and mutual understanding which we could not overcome. With the ProData nearshoring setup in Poland, the dialogue is simple and direct.
We are extremely satisfied with ProData Consult. We do not have a finger to put on either the collaboration with ProData Consult or the two consultants located in Poland. The cooperation is smooth and unproblematic. Everything is as it is supposed to be, and we have a close dialogue with the ProData Consult representative who is always just an email away. Through an online chat portal, we are always online with our consultants in Poland so it is just like as if they were sitting next to us.
Our experience with ProData Consult is that the consultants in Poland are offered good working conditions. They enjoy being part of a bigger community where there are others who do corresponding work and this is beneficial as there are only two of them. The location in Poland is also easily accessible as it is close to the airport. You are met with a nice environment when you step in to the premises, so not only are our people in Poland happy, it is also easy and neat for us. Everything is as you would hope for.
The hiring process itself was fast, but despite the rapidity of the process we were still provided with high-quality candidates, so it was very satisfying. Prior to our visit in Poland and with only a month notice, ProData Consult Denmark had found 12 candidates who came to the job interview. The visit went smoothly, and it was easy to find the right candidates, so we could scale fast.
ProData Consult is good at finding the right match for both the job and our organization. It is easy and scalable, and the financial circumstances are as they should be. For us, it is not a question of saving money. We could have hired consultants for about the same amount of money in Denmark - but not close to the same qualifications. For this, ProData Consult’s network in Poland has been a great resource to tap into.


Thorbjørn Mandahl Pedersen
Executive at GIS and internal development at land surveying firm LE34

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