DPOrganizer case: The necessary flexibility for a start-up

DPOrganizer provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps companies manage the processing of personal data ensuring that the company complies with GDPR.


Being able to have the flexibility to scale up and down whenever needed is crucial for a start-up like DPOrganizer. And as the company at the same time experienced difficulty getting access to the right developers, due to the high demand and low supply, nearshoring was an optimal solution for DPOrganizer.

Within a month, DPOrganizer was up and running. ProData Consult took charge of the entire setup, but more importantly, to find and recruit the developers needed for DPOrganizer to keep their projects and deliveries on track. In general, DPOrganizer experienced the transition as very easy and simple.


DPOrganizer quickly realized Poland's huge potential as a Nearshoring destination. The IT-developers are simply very skilled, while they take huge pride in their work. That means they deliver more than you would expect.

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