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Business & IT consultants on time & material

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High-end business and IT consultants

Business & IT consultants on time & material

High-end business and IT consultants

For more than two and a half decades, we have specialized in matching client needs with exactly the right IT specialist. Our vast experience and strict screening and validation processes guarantee uncompromising quality. In other words, we only work with the very best IT consultants. We cover from A-Z within IT. No matter the role and competences, and regardless of the particular experience or skill-set you require, we have the consultant who matches your needs. Se more



How we work

A systematic approach enables swift delivery without compromising an inch of quality.


ProData Consult’s approach to the sourcing of consultants rests on the foundation of a well-oiled machine and advanced IT systems. Courtesy of a systematic approach, we are able to vet and qualify consultants for the requests we receive from our clients while still delivering with speed.

Who we are

Uncompromising is ordinary to us

We specialize in matching high-end business and IT consultants with our clients’ need for specialist competences, and we have spent decades doing just that.


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